Hi I am Corey Jones, owner of Emerald City Auto Glass. I started doing auto glass while in college  working towards a degree in accounting. After 3 years of college, I decided I really enjoyed fixing windshields and decided to quit pursuing a career in accounting and focus on auto glass. I worked for Northshore Auto Glass in Everett for 9 years. For most of that time, I was not only installing windshields I was managing the company. I knew that I could start my own company but I was married with 4 small children and all the unknowns of being self employed and not recieving a steady pay check kept me from making that jump for many years. I finally decided in 2002 that I had waited long enough and I started up Emerald City Auto Glass. When I first started up the company there were many dreaded nights of tele-marketing from a desk in the garage. During the day I would try to pick up accounts and leave cards, flyers and talk to anyone that would listen to me. After about a year, I was able to stop the cold calling and the word about my business was starting to spread. Upon starting my own business I was the only installer for the first several years, then I was able to hire another installer and then the economy took a huge turn for the worst for the glass business and everyone else and I was forced to lay him off. Many glass businesses went under and you dont see free dinner ads or the coupons in the mail anymore. I have been able to survive due to the loyalty of my great customers and the reputation I have recieved for the best prices and never having problems with my work.  
   I have been with my distributor for more then 17 years so I am able to get glass at a lower price and I am able to share that lower price with you the consumer.
   I get very few call backs for problems and if I have I am right out there to fix any issues possible as quickly as I can.
   I am very fair with my pricing so I can stay busy and as a result I am usually the lowest by far.
   I don't care whether your vehicle is a $50,000 or a $500 vehicle, my labor rate is the same. The only variable on each quote is the cost to me of that part. I am also very flexible on scheduling your appointment and I will always show up. Give me the chance to fix your broken glass and I promise you will be satisfied with my service and my price.
Call, Text, or Email us at the following
Call (360)805-5010, Call or Text (425)350-2357, or Email at emeraldcityautoglass@yahoo.com